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RYW 397 – How Retirement Plans Have Changed in 2020 Due to Covid

Join Mark and Mat for the regular tax and legal tips along with a robust discussion of all the changes to expect with retirement plan contributions and strategies in 2020. Many don’t know the significant and historic changes to retirement plans due to the pandemic. Understand what opportunities you may have as a taxpayer to […]

RYW 394 – Turning Your Side-Hustle into a Legitimate Business

Join Mark and Mat share their Weekly Tax and Legal tips and invite Special Guests, Hailee Smith and Preslee Dayton, of to discuss how they turned their side-hustle into their main-hustle! They will share 10 Tips to take your side-hustle to the level of a legitimate and respectable business making significant profit. Learn more at 

RYW 392- Pandemic Planning: Will vs. Trust

Join Mark and Mat with their regular weekly tax and legal tips, including a conversation about using a Will or a Trust during the pandemic. There has been a dramatic increase in Estate Planning with the onslaught of COVID 19 and many don’t know what route to take. Go to to learn more about Mark […]

RYW 389 – How to Prevent my Business from Closing

Join Mark and Mat as they discuss options on how to keep your business from failing during the Pandemic. In fact, no matter what crisis you may be facing, learn about ways to create revenue, cut costs, manage difficult situations and stay in business. More information at