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RYW 389 – How to Prevent my Business from Closing

Join Mark and Mat as they discuss options on how to keep your business from failing during the Pandemic. In fact, no matter what crisis you may be facing, learn about ways to create revenue, cut costs, manage difficult situations and stay in business. More information at

RYW 388 – Round 2 of Stimulus Act: What are my options?

ALERT- READ FIRST! Update to Video content from New Bill: The (ERTC) Employee Retention Tax Credit now does not apply to the business owner and family members. This is terrible! So please note in the video that Mat and I discuss the option for business owners to use the ERTC and avoid the PPP if […]

RYW 385 – How to Access Your Retirement Funds under the Stimulus Package

Join Mark and Mat as they break down the new rules and opportunities under the CARES Act. These strategies open a wide array of options that can be used for taking fully advantage of the Stimulus package and a coordinated attack to save AND build your business.  More information at